Théoden KingContrary to the title of this blog, my name is actually Ross P. Davis – not Théoden. I developed a weird attachment to the name when reading The Two Towers. Tolkien kept referring to the ruler of Rohan as “Théoden King”, generally placing the word “King” after his name instead of before. For some reason this word ordering, along with the accent over the ‘e’, struck a chord in my brain; I felt a constant vibration in my thoughts, as if the whole of the Rohirrim were thundering across my skull.

I began referring to my brother, whom I have many nicknames for, as Théoden King, then Théoden, and eventually “T-king”. This devolved into a situation where we were both calling one another Théoden. We hit rock bottom when he bought me a tasseled Théoden King bookmark for my birthday, replete with an image of noble Théoden in battle armor and a little metal horse head at the end of the tassel.

So when I decided to start a geek-oriented blog, it was only natural that I chose the name Théoden’s Coding Tips. Realistically, it was the only choice I had.

3-2-1 Contact! I can be reached by sending an email to “ross”, followed by that good old ‘@’ character, and then the domain name of this site.

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