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Averatec 2300 series sucks

So, user comes to me with a two-year-old Averatec 2300 laptop that “won’t boot”. He’d had some weirdness with his XP install before so I went in thinking the OS was messed up somehow. But once I actually got the … Continue reading

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Frustration with fantasy football “experts”

You know that fantasy football has hit the big time when you can turn on ESPN and watch some dork telling you about his Starts and Sits of the Week. Fantasy football “experts” are on TV and radio, and of … Continue reading

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CBS Sports pwn5 Yahoo in fantasy football

This is a brief description of the total pwnage that CBS Sports exhibits over Yahoo in fantasy football. Free Agents / Waivers: Yahoo has a free-for-all system where you basically pick up players at any time. This means that the … Continue reading

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Treo, Centro, and Verizon: a bubbling cauldron of misery

The title of this post is a little extreme, but I have had some frustrations when looking to upgrade my Treo 650. Here are a few notes I’ve made over the past few days: I’m not going to do business … Continue reading

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Unexpected default values in MySQL after ALTER TABLE

So I had just done a test in my development environment where I: ran a script to set NULL values in column X to something appropriate altered the table to make column X be NOT NULL and give it a … Continue reading

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The ghost of 64-bit flash

I really thought we were past the point when a major browser plugin would fail to work on Linux. But once again this nearly unheard of “64-bit” technology is causing incompatibility problems on my favorite OS. I guess it has … Continue reading

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A low point for HighPoint RocketRAID

Alternate title: How kernel module sata_mv held my arms behind my back while module hptmv punched me in the balls. Upgrading a database server from SuSE 9.1 to openSUSE 10.2, I wasn’t really worried. We had nearly a terabyte of … Continue reading

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The empty computer science degree

Reading about this topic on reddit set my mind to thinking about the practicality of a computer science degree. As many have complained, the issue is that a fresh CS graduate may not be able to code up even a … Continue reading

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*Opera is dying

Just as *BSD is dying, so is the Opera web browser. I’ve been using Opera ever since my AI professor in college mentioned the browser in class – that was at least seven years ago. Opera has consistently produced an … Continue reading

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Why I Hate the Treo 650

After laying down the initial $350 bucks for the Treo 650 (not counting rebates), I kind of thought that I wouldn’t be throwing more money at the device. Well, I figured I would get some screen protectors, and a case… … Continue reading

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