Fantasy football players that scared me in 2008

A quick list of fantasy football players that had me running the other way in the 2008 draft…

QB Matt Hasselbeck: CBS ranked Hasselbeck as the #12 QB going into 2008, summarizing with, “He’s a low-end No. 1 Fantasy QB worth a pick between Rounds 7 and 8.” I’m not sure why I felt like I couldn’t trust Hasselbeck at the QB position, but my hunch turned out correct. A few sorry performances followed by injury have landed Hasselbeck’s 2008 season in the gutter.

QB Marc Bulger / RB Steven Jackson: These guys sucked last year and they suck this year. After a 3-13 season in 2007, I just wasn’t buying the Rams hype. Now it’s 2008, the Rams are 2-7, and I’m still not going to touch these guys when 2009 rolls around.

RB Brian Westbrook: This guy can put up monster stats and makes up a huge part of the Eagles offense. Still, I always shy away from Westbrook because I don’t want to deal with a player who is consistently Questionable. Looking at the high points, he’s had fantasy scores like these: 21, 27, 14, and 32. But then you look at the other five games he’s played/missed: 1, 0, 0, 9, and 5. Maybe he’s worth it, but I just can’t stand that boom-or-bust performance at the running back position.

RB Larry Johnson: Coming off a 2007 season where he held out and then got injured, and into a 2008 rebuilding year for the Chiefs, I really didn’t want to end up with LJ on my roster. With 10 NFL weeks in the books, LJ’s 417 yards, 3 touchdowns, and various suspensions are going to land him far from the #10 RB spot where CBS had him slotted.

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