How to freeze your Treo 650 using Opera Mini 3.0

This document describes how to freeze your Treo 650 in a few easy steps. First things first, you must be using Verizon as your wireless provider. If you aren’t using Verizon then this process might end with you having a stable operating sytem. This is not what you want. What you want is for your OS to freeze again and again.

  1. Sign up with Verizon
  2. If your Treo does not yet have Java installed then go ahead and grab IBM’s JVM
  3. Download Opera Mini for the Treo 650
  4. Load up Opera and go through the setup screens
  5. Use Opera for a minute or so and watch that Treo freeze!

Once you freeze your Treo with Opera enough, you’ll soon find that you’re having a lot more fun than you would trying to browse the web with the sluggish “Blazer”. Compared to watching “Blazer” labor to render, say, some black text on a white background, watching your Treo freeze is so much more fulfulling.

I suspect that freezing the OS works so great because of this reason listed on the Opera Mini site:

Note to North-American users

Opera Mini is available to all Sprint and Cingular customers. Availability for T-Mobile customers is dependent on the subscription plan. BREW-enabled phones, including Verizon, are currently not supported.

The Holy Trinity of “Blazer”, Opera, and Xiino makes you feel like you’re back in the good old days – running a buggy Windows 3.1 and surfing on a 1200 baud modem.

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